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 3D Dot game Heroes

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3D Dot game Heroes Empty
PostSubject: 3D Dot game Heroes   3D Dot game Heroes EmptySun Jan 31, 2010 3:16 pm

3D Dot Game Heroes
3D Dot game Heroes 3d-dot-game-heroes

3D Dot Game heroes is a tribute to the classic Zelda style titles with it's own unique & retro style.
The storyline is very similar to the Zelda's established formula of a legendary hero slaying an evil
demon. The hero then takes his powerful sword and relinquishes it to a protective stone hidden away
in a forest. Years later, the king of Dotnia proclaims he is tired of his land being two-dimensional, and
makes the transition to 3D. You are then tasked to return to the woods, reclaim the hero's sword, and
rescue six elders from various dungeons. Dungeons filled with enemies to defeat, keys to locate and
puzzles to solve.
There will also be some magical pendants to use on special walls to reveal secret paths.
Lanterns can be lit to light the way through dark spaces and bosses to defeat in each dungeon.
That's what i've read about this game, even though it's block-based graphics it still looks pretty
smooth and very fun, I beleive we all should check out this very retro blocky game for the PlayStation3 system coming out soon.

> Platform

> Style
1-Player Adventure

> Publisher

> Developer
From Software, Silicon Software

> Release
May 11
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3D Dot game Heroes
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