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 How do i report others?

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How do i report others? Empty
PostSubject: How do i report others?   How do i report others? EmptySun Jan 31, 2010 1:03 am

How do i report others? Reportbutton

You can report other post by clicking on the "[!]" icon in the upper right hand of their post.
After that a moderator will review the reported topic and take the necessary actions.
Please do NOT ever send in false reports and waste our time.

To report another user just send a message to a ProactiveGamers Staff member with the user's ID
and reasons of the report, if you believe you should. Do NOT waste our time with unnecessary reports.

note: Only report other topics that you know are or think might be against the ToSUA and/or inappropriate.
Staff members will most likely not contact you about the reported topics so do not ask.
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How do i report others?
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