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 Moderation FAQ

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Moderation FAQ Empty
PostSubject: Moderation FAQ   Moderation FAQ EmptyTue Jan 26, 2010 1:27 am

Q)Can i be a moderator?
A) We are not currently in need of moderators. However if you would like to try and be
a ProactiveGamers Staff member then send a personal message to the site's Admin letting
us know you are willing to help if needed.

Q)What do the Moderators do?
A) They Moderate the ProactiveGamers forums to make sure that every user within this site follows the Terms of Service User Agreement. Please listen to our moderators (PGmod) at all times.

Q) How can i tell who is a Moderator?
A) The Moderators will have the prefix of "PGmod" before their ID
and their IDs will be red.

Q)MODs are staff, who else?
A) The Staff members are the Moderators, and the Admin.

~ ProactiveGamers Staff ~

- Sophronia

- PGmod bcloaded
- PGmod Ratsamgine
- PGmod mythologinarium
- PGmod Jersquall

Q) Someone says they are Staff but didn't have a special Prefix, true?
A) Every single Staff member will have a Special Rank, if their IDs are not red (or a special color) and they claimed to be Staff then send a message to the Admin or any PGmod. List can be found in the question above.

If you have anymore questions please contact our Staff members and we will let you know.
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Moderation FAQ
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